The Challenge

To date, there is no convenient way telling whether a German court decision at hand is the most recent decision in the decision tree. Neither is there an overview of related decisions or relevance of decisions. One has to fight her way through the jungle of online database documents without knowing exactly where the next link will take her.

The Idea

Based on OpenLegalData information, which contains German court decisions and their references, we aim to provide open access to maps based on this data. Ultimately, viz.law will be a plug-in which can be used on commercial legal databases.

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The Solution

Intuitively, one wishes to zoom out and see the bigger picture, see how all things are connected. This is what viz.law does: it provides a way to zoom out of the document jungle and helps finding relevant information on keywords or specific official file numbers. Searching for decisions referenced in a specific court ruling? Use viz.law!



Semi-Finals Video Submission

This video was our Semi-Final submission. It does not depict the actual, current state of our product. Since then, we have been adding features, improving user experience and researching user requests. We will continue enhancing our product - even after the final pitch in NYC.

The Team

Henning, Charlotte, Andreas, Marcel, Pierre, Israel, Sebastian, Jakub and Lisa are nine legal tech enthusiasts with entirely different professional backgrounds who met at BerlinLegalTech 2019.


viz.law Böttcher, Reiling, Käde GbR
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viz.law Böttcher, Reiling, Käde GbR

Krumme Straße 51
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Data Privacy Protection Information according to § 13 TMG

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As for our YouTube-Video, we are using Google's extended privacy mode. This means that YouTube will not track users as long as they do not watch the video.

However, the viz.law app is hosted on Heroku, which is a subsidiary of Salesforce or a company affiliated with this company (salesforce.com). Their servers are located in Ireland / Europe and as such are subject to European data protection regulations. They might record information if you use our tool (i.e., as soon as you open the app, your IP address, as well as time and date of access might be recorded).

Should you have any questions concerning data protection, please do not hesitate to contact us: info@vizlaw.de

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